Ghetto Kids (Uganda) dance to follow follow

Since bursting onto the scene in the summer of 2014, having featured in Eddy Kenzo’s “Sitya Loss,” Ugandan dance sensations The Ghetto Kids have lit up the internet time and time again with their distinctive style of innovative, and playful synchronised choreography, with their videos pulling in as many as 13 million views.

They have since gone on to propel almost every track they are associated with into the limelight, the latest being “Follow Follow” by Uganda’s Hanson Baliruno. The dance depicts a young girl being robbed and knocked down, only to be lifted straight back up again and supported by her companions – their inventive free-styling blending with the perfectly synchronised moves to represent the way in which individual endeavour and community spirit can mix together to provide the way forward for people suffering hardship.Ghetto Kids – Follow Follow

Project Details

client Ghetto Kids

Production, collaboration

Date November 7, 2015